Bioethanol Fires & Gas Fires

We offer an extensive range of Bioethanol fires, gas fires & fireplaces. With Bioethanol fireplaces and Gas fires offering a wide range of design lead features, they are increasingly popular on the market and are continuing to grow. Frost’s Fireplaces in Surrey are the main retailers for high end brands such as Glamm Fire, specifically designed for use within the home for a traditional or contemporary setting.


We offer a range of Inset, wall mounted and freestanding Gas fires, fireplaces & stoves from brands such as



Chesney’s and more.


We also offer a made to measure service for existing fire baskets, replacement fires and bespoke projects.

Please contact us for further information.  

For a full range of manufacturers’ Bioethanol stoves & Gas fires please view their websites where you can purchase the full range through us.

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Chesney's Gas Stoves
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Dru gas fires
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Glamm Fire
Glamm Bioethonal Fires
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