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Bioethanol is considered a renewable energy source, 100% green, which respects the environment and does not contribute to global warming. Bioethanol or simply “ethanol”, as fuel for the operation of fireplaces, is produced through the fermentation of products of vegetal origin like sugar cane, potatoes, sugar beet and cereals, among others. It is considered a renewable energy source, 100% green, which respects the environment and does not contribute to global warming. Hence the name “bio” ethanol.

At first glance this may cause you some concern and insecurity. However, if you think about it, these are the products produced by our breathing. This is one of the reasons that makes the combustion of bioethanol clean and complete.

As usually bioethanol fireplaces require no chimney or pipes, most of heat generated by the combustion of bioethanol stays on the room- efficiency of bioethanol.



To offer you high quality fireplaces, GlammFire develops a rigorous set of methods and tests which assessing the characteristics and capabilities of functioning, safety and ecology, aiming the continuous improvement of its Quality and Environment Management System.



Before one fireplace be completely prepared for use its whole design is studied to ensure the best adaptability and income. Several criteria are considered to develop the product among which stands out the stability and consequently its analysis and evaluation:

  • Tilt – Tilt tests are performed in order to evaluate the susceptibility of fuel spillage and fall of the fireplace;

  • Mounting – Follow strictly the indications of assembly described in our instruction manuals. They are defined after the realisation of several tension tests, so its compliance ensures a secure and effective installation. In the cases of wall and ceiling mounted fireplaces is extremely important to ensure that the mounting system is resistant enough to the fireplace does not fall off the wall or ceiling;

  • Shock – Sometimes accidental impacts or shocks may occur with your fireplace. At Glamm Fire we consider the realisation of the “shock test”, which diagnoses the vulnerability and reaction of a fireplace to the shock.



Our tests are performed pre and post -installation of fireplaces as described in our instruction manuals, where is evaluated the flame performance and temperature either on the fireplace surfaces, either on adjacent walls (in the case of wall mounted fireplaces).



Our testing methods define different measures that are taken if the test results do not fit within the parameter settings defined by our Quality and Environment Policy.

The scope of these measures considers aspects such as temperature [obtained either on the surfaces of the fireplace, or on the adjacent walls where it is installed (in the case of wall mounted fireplaces)], the concentrations of CO and CO2 registered and the analysis of fuel, either before, either then the combustion to determine its fluidity and density.

For further information on the manufacturers safety advices and manufacturing information please visit the link below

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