Burner II

The Glamm Fire bioethonal Burner II is fully made from stainless steel, our bioethanol burners have a contemporary design and outstanding manufacturing quality. 

The resistance and safety of the materials reinforce their excellent versatility as pieces of high functional and decorative nature. 

They are more and more becoming part of projects by architects and interior designers.

Burner II is easily adapted into modern fire baskets offering the real flame effect where natural fires can't be achieved.
Type// mechanical

Material// brushed stainless steel and ceramic stone

Dimensions// 367 w x 86 h x 227 d mm

Fuel// liquid bioethanol
Capacity// 2 litres
Weight// 8 Kg
Power// 1,5 - 2,9 kW
Autonomy// 4:00 - 8:00 hours
Recommended minimum area// 22 sq.