Chesney's Gas Stoves

As close to a real fire as you can get!

The beauty and warmth of a real log fire at the flick of a switch. Chesney’s new gas stove provides a heat output of up to 3.4kW* at a cost of only 10 pence per hour**.

Emulating the lazy flames and glow of a log burning stove, it offers a unique combination of efficiency and realism.

Engineering: A gas stove from Chesney’s is an outstanding piece of engineering with every stove undergoing a rigorous build and performance process. Our research engineers have used the very latest technology to create a product that is unique in both its functionality and appearance, and delivers an efficiency rating of up to 73%.

Safety: With any gas appliance, safety is of paramount importance. Chesney’s Gas Stove Collection has been tested and certified by the UK’s leading independent test laboratory and our rigorous quality control systems ensure that all our appliances conform to British Standards.

Ease of use: We believe that one of the main reasons for choosing a gas stove is convenience. Every Chesney’s gas stove is controlled by a hand-held remote control device that allows you to control the flame height and heat output from the comfort of your armchair.

Realism: Our aim is to make a gas stove that is indistinguishable in its appearance from a natural wood burning stove. Following extensive experimentation our engineers have succeeded in creating a fire that perfectly emulates the flame pattern of a real fire with individually hand painted logs that produce a deep lifelike glow.

*Heat output, which is a combination of radiant and convected heat, will vary depending on how and where the stove is installed.

Available in Weybridge, Surrey from Frost's Fireplaces Weybridge your only local authorised Chesney's dealer. 01932 841093