Bored at home? Why not invest in one of Chesney’s Heat range, making the evening warmer and being able to entertain the family you are isolated with! it makes evenings more interesting. It may be a long spring/summer so home improvements are the main focus at the moment.

With an extended range of products from the initial launch, the HEAT range has a variety of appliances that would suit any home and outdoor space.

Cooking on charcoal and wood is widely recognised in the culinary world as a highly effective way to impart flavour into food, with growing numbers of chefs across the world choosing to cook on open flames.

Chesney’s wanted to create an appliance that worked as a fantastic barbecue as well as an environmentally-friendly and easily controlled outdoor heater. It was the addition of a steel baffle plate that enabled us to achieve both objectives without compromising on heat production in either the heating or cooking mode.

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They take the packaging away too and set it all up for you. It couldn’t be easier.

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