We offer a Design, Supply and Installation service. We have invested in a showroom so that we can showcase a variety of high end products and offer you more than just an internet service. Where we are competitive with like companies and not one man bands, we do pride ourselves on the years of experience, as well as our knowledge of the brands we stock and sell and the fireplaces we install. Our installation department have worked in some of the most prestigious homes in Europe and have an eye for detail that goes beyond the installation manuals. We work with established and renowned interiors designers and have established relationships with many well known and trusted development and construction companies with personal recommendations. 


We won’t compare with internet prices as we offer much more that the cheapest beat down price. Investment in choosing the correct company to take on your fireplace project is key and is crucial in ensuring that the end result is as desired. We don’t cut corners and we are answerable to the governing bodies of solid fuel and gas HETAS & Gas Safe which we pride ourselves on. Our google and facebook reviews speak volumes. Happy clients that have often returned time after time! So please when considering your fireplace project, treat it like an quality car purchase, the safety and quality of the stove or fire you purchase has a profound effect on the health and wellbeing of your family and home. 


We will advise you on what will suite your home, what will work best with your lifestyle and most importantly your budget. So contact us today for professional advise that cant be compared on the internet and support your local independent retailers and keep the high street! 


Eco Design Ready Stoves & Efficiency 


What you need to know about the new regulations.

Great strides forward in stove design have resulted in modern stoves having an efficiency of over 80%, compared to an open fire at 30% and a stove produced ten years ago, with an average efficiency of 65%. The energy efficient improvement under Ecodesign for wood burning stoves is 4%.

The growth in efficiency over the last ten years can be clearly seen in the efficiency chart shown below.

Eco Design ready Chart


The Efficiency of the appliance also plays an important role in the amount of wood required, as shown in the diagram below. Significantly fewer logs are required in an Ecodesign Ready stove. Saving money and reducing emissions.


Eco Design ready Chart











Air Quality Improvements 


Air quality is important to us all. Environmental scientists have identified pollutants that can have a negative impact on our health. One of the most high profile and widespread sources is diesel engines. Even though wood burning stoves are a relatively low source of emissions the SIA is committed the reducing the emissions from wood burning stoves even further.

Independent research conducted by Kiwa Gastec on behalf of the SIA has shown that modern clean burning stoves, designed to meet the new Ecodesign requirements will reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80-84% compared to an old stove.

This confirms the European wide understanding that Ecodesign stoves will lead to improved air quality. DEFRA is using the introduction of Ecodesign to reduce emissions from wood burning in the UK.

The stoves were tested at their nominal operating level and when turned down to reflect the burning cycle of a stove at start and finish.

Open fires and oId stoves have increased emissions when turned down at all whereas the emissions from Ecodesign stoves reduce when turned down. The 84% reduction is during the turn down period, when traditionally the possibility of emissions is at its highest

Kiwa Gastec tested an open fire, a stove from 10 years ago and a stove designed to meet the stringent emission levels in Ecodesign. The tests covered the emission of particles, other gaseous carbon (OGC) and NOx, which all showed significant reductions.




On purchasing any of our Stoves or Fireplaces, a site visit will be advised so we can adapt your package to suit your premises and ensure that you are buying exactly what you need to have a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing end result.

We can advise you on all services required for a safe fitting and functional fireplace, we will organise appointments if required and liaise with you to ensure the purchase to installation service runs smoothly.

We assure you that all our installers are HETAS & GAS SAFE and that we will not use any unknown trades that we do not have experience with, to carry out work on your premises at any time.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with us then please contact us

Bespoke Fireplace Designs 

We offer a bespoke fireplace design service that will enable you to choose every element of your fireplace. We will be able to offer a portfolio and options so that you end up with a truly unique fireplace. Please note that this is charged as a premium service and you will need to allow at least 12 weeks for the completion and delivery of your item. Please contact us for further details.


Wood Supplies

We sell Kiln Dried Logs, kindling and fire lighters in store, bags of wood are available and we also offer a pre-order and local delivery service on orders over £50.00. Please call us for further information.