Chesney's Multi-Fuel Stoves

Chesney's Multi fuel Stoves offer the user versatility in the choice of fuel.
Whether burning wood or coal, these stoves are both highly efficient and environmentally friendly in their performance.
The majority of the stoves in the Chesney's Multi fuel Stoves collection are multi-fuel stoves and offer the
user the opportunity to burn their fuel of choice, whether wood or coal.
Chesney's Multi fuel Stoves demonstrate the same levels of efficiency and cleanliness as their wood burning counterparts.
The Chesney's multi-fuel stove ranges are available in 6 kw & 8 kw versions.
Please contact our showroom for further information and advice 01932 841 093
We offer a full supply and installation service from fully qualified installers
Chesney’s – Salisbury 8KW
Chesney’s – Salisbury 6kw
Chesney’s – Beaumont 8Kw
Chesney’s – Beaumont 6Kw
Chesney’s – Shoreditch 6 LS